Network crash help. Linksys WAP and Linksys Switch

Every few hours my network needs to be power cycled to refresh the ip addresses becuase of Ip address conflicts or something. The setup: 1) Comcast cable modem (ARRIS TM502G) connected via Cat5 to 2) Linksys WirelessAccessPoint (WRT54G v5) connected via cat5 to 3) Linksys 24 port ethernet switch (EF3124). Plugged into the switch are about 10 computers and a LAN hp printer. What seems to be happening is about half the computers will suddenly lose connection to the internet. The wireless computers will stop communicating with the desktop computers. The wirelesss connected machines will normall keep their connection to the internet but the desktops will be completely isolated. This is my 3ed wireless router...still same problem. Could it be the switch? Should I buy another router? Should I set static IP addresses for the computers?please help
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techcontractingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you set static IPs it will most likely fix the problem overall, but you may want to go with a higher end router/gateway such as a cisco pix 501 firewall or a little higher quality gateway.  Linksys routers do have issues, especially after a few years.  (I've seen at least two bad after a couple of years.)  
Jan SpringerCommented:
Are you using DHCP on the Linksys router to assign addresses to any of the machines?
traptusAuthor Commented:
yes its set to dhcp automatic
another note... the pix 501 by itself has only 10 user capability, but you can add users for a nominal fee.
Jan SpringerCommented:
The reason that I asked about DHCP is because I've seen that exact behavior.  Set statics, reboot the Linksys and see if that doesn't fix the problem.
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