MSDTC Prevents Cluster Failover/MSDTC will not failover on 2003 Cluster

I have set up a Windows 2003 Active/Passive cluster.  I have two Groups, the default cluster group and then a group that will eventually take on SQL2005.    The default group has all the usual, the Q drive, which is actual a single diskset with two partitions (Q and R), the Clustername, and the clusterIP.   I have read that MSDTC needs to be added for SQL 2005.   I have created the MSDTC resource according to MS KB301600 and KB 817064.   I have put it into the default group.  The problem happens when I do a move group.  All the resources in the group move to the other node but MSDTC does not move and causes the group to fallback to the original node.  If I delete the MSDTC resources and do a failover of the default group or second group all is well.  I'm not sure what is going on.  Both NODEs in the cluster are Domain Controllers and DNS servers as recommended in the MS Cluster Quick Start guide.  
Any ideas?
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"Q drive, which is actual a single diskset with two partitions (Q and R)", Q and R need separate disks not partitions on one disk.
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