Crystal Reporting - Cross-Tab report question

I'm working with a Crystal Report and it's in Cross-Tab format using the wizard.

For the most part, the wizard is doing what I want it to do except I'm trying to add fields in the design view window.

Let me explain.  I have a DataTable in VB.Net that lays out like this:

Part      Week    OnHandQty     Demand Qty     AvailQty
ABC        1                100                 25                 75
ABC        2                100                 40                 35
ABC        3                100                 10                 25
ABC        4                100                  5                  20
ABC        5                100                  3                  17

I create my Cross-Tab report as follows:
ROWS = Part
SUMMARY = AvailQty

I then get a report that looks like this:

Part     Week1     Week2      Week3      Week4      Week5
ABC       75            35             25             20              17

That is good but now I'm trying to add the beginning OnHandQty onto the row but I don't necessarily want to display this for each Week, just once right after Part # as the beginning balance.

I can't figure out if there's a way to add fields within this DataGrid type control that Crystal creates on the Report Header or not ??  I can't expand the borders or add fields to the report.

Any thoughts to accomplish this would be great.

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MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
Try adding it as a secondary ROW...I'm not sure if this is what you need...but I think you can add it as a ROW...and then  that as a row....not as a summary row though...just as a row.

Indeed you cannot just change the crosstab through the design view window....all changes (except for formatting the fields) should be done through the crosstab properties dialog.

Simply put, what you want cannot be done.
Next, we can find alternatives that are acceptable for you.

1) Create a formula field like this:
    {Part} & " - " & totext({QTY_Onhand})
Now use this formula to create the onhand qty will be shown next to the part number (but not as a different column though).

2) You could change your query, so that a new row is created for a 'week' 0, so that you can show your qty onhand there.
  select distinct part, 0 as week, qty_onhand as avail_qty from table
  union all    
  select part, week, avail_qty from table
You can use the data retrieved in the same way as you are doing now, and each row will have a week 0, showing the qty onhand (you could probably conditionally change the column header for week 0)

And there are probably some more option I can't think of now....

JMO9966Author Commented:
Thank You guys!
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:

    : )

MIke V
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