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What is Svchost and why are so many Svchost processes in a machine running.

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ramesh has the following article for this question.

Description of Svchost.exe in Windows XP
computerfixinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
svchost is basically a generic term, stands for services that run from dynamic link libaries.  

Can be anything from the latest and greatest worm o: to things like netman or ras, baisic stuff that windows needs to operate.  

Basically nothing to worry about.

You can check out some of the freeware process utils if you want to see more info on the svchost.
rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out this Tutorial on Svchosts.exe and how to detemine what services are running under it:
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