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Where to send Xbox 360 for warranty repair.

My son's 360 got the dreaded three red lights.  According to the MS website it should be a warranty repair.  We set up a repair order online since we couldn't get a real person on the phone.  Everything went well, the repair order was created and we recieved a confirmation from MS.

The problem is that nowhere in the instructions, subsequent emails or performing the online repair order process does it explain where to send the console for repair.

We have tired repeatedly to get someone on the phone to no avail.

Anyone know where to send it? Are there instructions online that I am missing?
1 Solution
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
If you are in the US Microsoft will send a packing case to you at the address you have given them - if can take about 2 weeks to arrive.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
if you don't receive the box within 2 weeks, try calling MS again.  it took me over a month to finally get them to send me a box the second time my console broke...  i spend HOURS on the phone with "BOB" from India and was either told their system was down and i should call back, or there was no record of my last call, or "something" had happened and the warranty request wasn't properly completed... blah blah blah.

i had to send a console in twice... the first time was not nearly as frustrating as the second.  the first time, i waited 2 weeks... no box, so i called and then waited another 2 weeks for it to arrive...

they had my console for a month and then sent it back.  it worked for 1 week and broke again...  and that's when i started the frustrating 1 month of calls to try to get them to send a packing box to me...  each and every time i called they wanted to do troubleshooting even though i had done troubleshooting with the previous "BOB" ...  i hope you don't have the same kind of experience.  just be diligent and some day they will send the box to you.
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I just got an email that they were sending the packing stuff.
They sent me a box within 5 days and replaced my console with a brand new one. They also shipped it back overnight, although it took two weeks for them to decide to scrap my old one and send the new one.

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