Microsoft, Windows, 2000/2003 IP based RDP access

Hi thr,

I am looking for a way to allow IP based RDP access to windows 2003 servers.
Is there any way to do this??
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can control this by changing the scope of the exceptions of the Windows Firewall on the server if you enable it. By default it will allow all connections from the local LAN, but you can specify IP's. Details on configuring can be found at:
That article describes how to allow all connections, but you can use the same options to restrict access.
However usually access would be controlled by user account. You can do so in group policy:
Control Panel | Administrative tools | Local Security Policy | Local Policies | User Rights Assignments ...make sure Remote Desktop Users is included in "allow logon through Terminal Services"  
If you are talking about specifying which external IP addresses to access the 2003 servers through RDP you need to configure this on your firewall.  Depending on your firewall you can specify only specfic IP addresses to access your servers.  For instance you would allow RDP access to the server but only from IP address  The way to configure this depends on the type of firewall you have.  
amkale_19Author Commented:
Thx Bluetab... but i am asking about internal ip address.
Dont know how it is effective... but my Sr. thought that anybody can access any server through RDP. and he want to restrict its access through IP based restriction as we are using static IP address for administrator PC.
It seems, it is not supported by windows but still waiting for reply.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks amkale_19.
Cheers !
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