NTFS permissions not working properly

I have some shared folders on a Windows 2003 Server. i have shared one particular folder called "finance".
I have created a security group called "finance" and added the users that need to access this folder. The finance group has full control to this folder.
This folder is inside of a shared folder and everyone has full control share permissions to the parent folder. No other groups have permissions to this folder. i cant deny access to the parent folder because other users need access to the other subfolders - finance is one of many.
i though that permissions were supposed to compare NTFS and share permissions and apply the most restrictive. how come people who are not part of the "finance" group have full control to the "finance" folder?

Hope this makes sense.
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Toni UranjekConnect With a Mentor Consultant/TrainerCommented:

It doesn't make sense. Is Finence group the only group that has NTFS permissions defined for that particular folder? Did remove NTFS permission inheritance?


nealerocksAuthor Commented:
I removed the permission inheritance and it works now!!
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