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Error beeping coming from SCSI array - Cant stop it or figure out why

After running well for many years, the SCSI array in this machine has started to show problems.
There is a double beep approximatly every second. The green light on the SCSI diskswhich are normally continuosly green flash red in time with the beeping (these are not the data access lights which flash green when accessing data they are the power lights)
The machine is running Windows NT but there is no information in any error logs

The reverse of the array casing has a sticker showing the number *S20-VP9662-100-1490126*
I do not know if this is a serial number or a part number

The Supermicro P6DGU/DBU motherboard with the onboard SCSI also has a sticker SM717856

All the SCSI disks were replaced a year ago and have been working well, The system can access the data on the drives but occasionally there are problems. I do not beleive it is a problem with a single disk as all disks flash together.

I guess the double beep is trying to inform me of the error but without manuals etc I cannot discover the fault - Cables? something else?
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1 Solution
We probably need a brand/model of that thing, there might be a manual to download somewhere.
Looks like it is also a system with it's own controller.

Couple of possible problems:
*Drive failure
*If there are a battery protected cache memory module onboard, the battery might be bad which can cause a serious data corruption in an event of unclean powerdown such as power failure. But that is if the system has it's own SCSI RAID controller.

Give us a little more to work on
Well it is either the array, or the controller, and it is probably the array.
Are there dual power supplies in the array, maybe one is going bad ?

In any case, I would make sure that all data is backed up ASAP, since it may fail at any time.

Have you rebooted the Server and power cycled the array ?

I hope this helps !
RoysAuthor Commented:
I cannot see a Raid controller card, the ribbon cable goes from the array of disks direct to the motherboard.
Also in the motherboard BIOS I can see that the Raid options have been enabled but there are no test or diagnostics available.
The only power supply I can see is the main supply for the whole computer.
The only brand/model number type info is that it is (or appears to be) a Supermicro P6DGU/DBU

We have had problems with individual disk before, at that time only the faulty drive flashed red.
All the drives were replaced a year ago and the new striped set created.
(it is running as a striped set not a raid array - for spped of data access)
However this time all the disks flash together - If they were attached to a raid controller card I would consider this suspect, but as it seems to go straight to the mother board?????
If the motherboard is failing I guess its curtains for this machine? but how can I tell its nothing that can be fixed.
I am guessing the beep frequency and duration is trying to inform me of something.
This used to be the case when I built PC's from scratch and got something wrong, the beeps informed me of what the error was (memory, video card etc.) but without manual or guidance I cannot decipher what this SCSI veeping is trying to say
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RoysAuthor Commented:
More news I have found the Motherboard manual on Supermicros web site, nothign about SCSI beeps but I have mailed them to see if they will help on an old obsolete motherbaord
Well apparently the RAID controller is built into the motherboard.

Have you checked stuff like CPU and MB temperature ?

RoysAuthor Commented:
OKAY, the manufacturer has no info on Beeping as board is old and obsolete (no surprises there then)
It will try disabling the SCSI and perhaps disconnecting the cable from the motherboard. If this stops the beeping then I will try a SCSI adapter card with the same ribbon cable connector and install as new.

Do you have any other ideas to try?

Thanks for trying to help, when I close this ill only give a B rating is that OK?
Is this a RAID array or just straight SCSI. IF RAID, I would be very careful since you might lose all data if you try to use a non compatible RAID controller.

Are you backed up ??

RoysAuthor Commented:
It is a striped set, an we are keeping in mind the backup requirements thanks.


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