To retrieve the display devices (VGA) installed on system and then displaying a different file on each display device (attached monitors)

I am working on an application for which hardware specifications are as under:
Pentium 3.4 processor with 2 external VGAs and one builtin VGA (in motherboard) and 3 monitors attached with it on three display devices.
I want to write a program in Visual C Sharp 2005, where i want to get the available display devices on the system (like in my case its 3 display devices) and then i want to run File1.doc on display device1 (monitor 1), File2.doc on display device2 (monitor 2) and File3.doc on display device3 (monitor3).
It means in my application i've to specify the available display devices to user and then user will select which file to dispaly on which display device. and then application will display that specific file to that display device's attached monitor.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
1) The .NET framework has a collection screens in the Screens collection.

2) You can put a form on a screen by setting its location to a point within the working area of the screen that you want.

nsgonlineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution. Can u explain the point 2, with bit more details; if with an example that is more helpfull b/c I haven't worked with screen class before. And along with this i want to open each file in full screen mode.
Bob LearnedCommented:
Something like this maybe:

            Form1 f = new Form1();
            Rectangle area = Screen.AllScreens[1].WorkingArea;
            f.Location = new Point(area.Left, area.Top);
            f.Size = new Size(area.Width, area.Height);

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