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Dell Inspiron 1000 LCD shutting off.

My Dell Inspiron 1000, after many other problems, had an issue with the LCD screen. If the LCD is moved even the slightest bit, the computer shuts down. In trying to resolve the issue, I purchased a new LCD, inverter and cable. However, after installing the above parts, the computer will not boot up at all. Im thinking of taking it to a tech to look at, but dont want to be blindsided by charges. The other option I have is to part it out (along with my closet boneyard of parts for it) and start again, as I probably have about $500 worth of good parts for it. Thanks for any help.
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Re-check assembly of the screen. Sounds like an involuntary shortcut to "ground" in the screen/LCD/inverter/cable complex. The metalized inside of plastic panels used is supposed to be "ground", that is, normally, power supply negative side. Anything "+" touching it will cause a short.
I would check the wiring loom between the screen and the mainboard, as these do break internally, and if there is a short in that, then the ground issue described by Rid would cause the machine to shut down as the PSU would protect the machine.
I had a simular fault on atoshiba laptop. Also double check the connections are good, and the socket on the mainboard is firmly attached - dry joints can cause problems like this too!
flamingpinheadAuthor Commented:
ok, did some fiddling. i think the problem lie in the bottom casing itself somewhere, as above. i unhooked the LCD completley and put the old one back on, leaving the computer apart, attaching external mouse/keyboard. the LCD displays fine on the table beside the computer when plugged in and all. push, flick and lightly twisting the cable and the LCD itself has zero effect. Now for the odd part:

I put one of the studs into the hole at a time on each side, wiggle them and get no response. however, If i place the other LCD monitor assembly completley in, not even hooked up, and rock it the least bit forward or back, the LCD sitting on the table shuts off. so I think perhaps there is some weakened part where the studs holding the LCD assembly in place that when the display is rocked, the stud moves into something inside, causing the power to shut off (as the stud on the right side is beside the power causing some sort of short as you stated)??? im confuzzled and now have two good LCD displays! ACK!!! this stupid thing has been nothing but a headache since the warranty expired!
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Sounds like rid and madgutts have the likely causes of the problem pretty well nailed down.

However, if you find you can't fix it, and are deciding to either take it to a professional or part it out, and if you think you can get close to $500 parting it out - I suggest parting it out.

You can get an Inspiron 1501 for $499 on Dell, and unless you got some serious upgrades from the base specs on your 1000, it'll be a better laptop even at that price point.  It is a bit shy on software, but presumably you can install the software from your 1000 on it - after all, you're parting it out so it won't be used on your old laptop anymore.  And that's assuming you just buy off Dell's site, and don't shop around for a better deal.
flamingpinheadAuthor Commented:
thanks for the quick responses, i forgot to mention that above. madgutts, what do you mean by "dry joints" what can I use to 'lube' them? as you said though, i think the problem lie in the main board. I have another bottom assembly (bad motherboard and no 'guts'). should I try transplanting the motherboard and all other internals into the other casing? or can i tighten where the top and bottom assembly join up somehow?
flamingpinheadAuthor Commented:
Keihatsu, my wife and I are seriously considering just getting a new desktop and parting this one out. I have the following:
1 good mother board and casing
2 good LCD display assemblies (including inverter and cable)
1 extra heatsink/fan assembly
1 possibly repairable motherboard with case and touchpad
1 good battery/power cable
1 perfectly good 2.2gig processor
1 40gig hard drive
1 DVD/CDR drive
an extra 526mb ram chip
and of course a good keyboard

alltogether i figure i could fetch about 500 bucks for all of it either that or repair one complete unit for sale and sell off all the extra parts. figure a working unit might go for more than the sum of its parts.
flamingpinheadAuthor Commented:
wow, so many posts huh? sorry to keep posting up, but is actually the 'left' side post where the power cord comes in that is causing the shutoff.
flamingpinheadAuthor Commented:
Well, turns out it was some metalic stripping on the lower portion of the top assembly piece on the base was coming loose. I did as above and swapped the top portion of the base out. Works perfectly fine now. Ill try regluing the other top piece I have.

If anyone happens to have some extra parts for the inspiron 1000, shoot me an email pacman2001@hotmail.com

thanks for the help in narrowing this down!

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