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Editing a big file in vi - Out of register space (ugh)

I am editing a very big log file (1.2million lines) on unix in vi. If I try to delete a lot of lines (e.g. 100000) with the dd command I get the message "Out of register space (ugh)". Does anyone know a way around this? (and yes, I know I should have cleaned the file up a bit sooner!)
1 Solution
you can try another delete command like
12,.d or the like
that means kill from a certain line up to the current line.

I'd argue dd may try to save the killed lines into a buffer for later "insertion" I'm not fully sure that d does not always but it's worth a try.

ScoteqAuthor Commented:
Sorry to take so long to get back to you, in fact I was waiting for my files to become big again to test! This command does indeed seem to work were 'dd' fails.
Thanks for your help.
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