Update global address list for Outlook issue

Hello, I have been told that a new mail account might take up to 48 hours to show up in the Global Address List in Outlook since the Exchange server must update the OAB and Outlook in cached mode must also download the new OAB.
I did create the mail account yesterday and I still cannot see it in the GAL so I thought I could force the process by first forcing an OAB update at the Exchange console and then download the address book from "SEND/RECEIVE" settings in Outlook and restarting the mail client.
However, the Event viewer does not show any errors for the OAB generation at the Exchange server but I cannot see the new account in the Outlook GAL so what might be wrong?

The account is not hidden by any means so what might prevent the account from showing in the GAL?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The first thing you should do is see if the account can be seen with live information. OWA uses lives information. If the address can be seen in there then you move on to the OAB being the cause of the problem.
If the account cannot be seen in the live GAL then you need to investigate why. A problem with Recipient Update Services is the usual cause.

Are you able to see email address stamped to this user account in AD properties ?
AndersBiroAuthor Commented:
Almost two hours after I initiated the OAB update the account is finally visible in the GAL so I guess this is no longer an issue although I must say that I thought a forced update would be a lot quicker than this.
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Stacy SpearConnect With a Mentor President/Principal ConsultantCommented:
If you have a large directory and users utilizing the server, it can take some time.
I had the same problem with a new accont not showing up in outlook despite going to the tools menu : tools > send and receive > Download Address book.

To fix this issue I opened up exchange system manager, went into Recipients > Offline Address lists and right clicked teh Default Offline Address List and selected Rebuild. After giving it around 5 minutes to rebuild (it will take longer on larger exchange systems), I then went back and downloaded the new address book in outlook using the method outlined above. After this I was then able to see the new user account that I had created.

I hope this helps you, allthough I am guessing you can probably see your new account you created allready as Exchange seems to sort itself out for this after a while (I'm assuming there is a scheduled nightly maintenance task built into the exchange system - a restart also tends to fix this issue).

The OAB is only generated once a day by default. Therefore it can take up to 48 hours before a new account is seen by all users in cached mode.


Forced accept.

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