Open local file through HTTP protocol

Hello all,

I want my VBA application to open a file from a shared folder on my network by using the HTTP protocol.
The shared folder is NOT on a web or Intranet server, it's just a simple network share.

Is this possible?

Best regards
Ture Magnusson
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You will need an HTTP server running somewhere that can access the file. For example, you could run a web server on your desktop and have that open the file from the network share. Depending on the nature of your application and its usage, that may not be a good idea.

Alternatively, if all you need is to open a file from a browser, you can do that using the drive mapings (X:, Y: etc.) or directly entering the unc path - \\servername\sharename

- Ravs
tureAuthor Commented:
Hello Rays,

Thanks for your input.

The essence of this question is really:
"Is it possible to open a file by using the HTTP protocol without using a HTTP server."

tureAuthor Commented:
Good answer, and it really sounds very logical.

And... asking questions is a good way to straighten up one's own thoughts.   :o)

Thank you, Rays!
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