Public folder problem

I'm running exchange 2003 sp2.
A user deleted the public folder called 'info' with the email address
I couldn't recover it, but I managed to get it back via the PFDVAAdmin method.
The recovery succeeded successfully, but the only problem is the email address itself.
The email address is
when I try to rename it it says "This e-mail address already exists in this organization".
I tried looking it up, but the only result it gives is the info folder itself (although it doesn't have the address!).
What can I do to get this 'ghost' info@ address out of exchanges memory????
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MrLonandBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a new "Info" Public Folder -- give it any address you like. Copy the contents of your existing folder in to the new one. Delete the old folder. Now modify the address on the new folder to:
suppsawsAuthor Commented:
already did that, still he says the address already exists :/
I also made a info2 folder, with, I deleted it and now it doesn't accept info2 too ... .
How long does it takes for exchange to see the deleted addresses?

but even if it works with info2, info@ still isn't working ...
NeiphinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do you have replication on your public folders? if so then it looks like the replicated folder has not been deleted itself before you did the recover using PFDAVadmin.
that is why the address is still used. You can either find the replica and delete it or do as MrLonandB suggested.


Have you run the Recipient Update Service?
suppsawsAuthor Commented:
ok, found the problem.
I did searches for info and but that didn't gave me a result.
When I did a search without search terms it gave me all sorts of folders and also the info@ included.
That way I was able to delete the 'old' info@ and to let me give the eddress back at the newly created folder with the old mails in it.
Thanks for the info!
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