MS Exchange corrupt mailbox messge

I am running Veritas 10.d and started receiving the following message during the backup of mailboxes phase of my nitely backup to tape.

This file cannot verify.
WARNING: "\\JOBS01\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\Harvey N. Berlent [hberlent]&Top of Information Store&Inbox&Œ0000a2f0dd24ac6cd99b0078ac5224bfaa9f490000460078ac5224bfaa9f4900008f00Fwd: Recommendations for Harvey" is a corrupt file.

This is happening multiple times on the same mailbox as well as it is happening on other mailboxes

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I got the same problem easy fix is to go to the user name in this Case Harvey N. Berlent and delete the message out from his inbox called Fwd: Recommendations for Harvey
Make sure that this email is also deleted from the deleted box as well.

2. the other way is to take the exchange down and to do a defrag or database clean up.. but the first option works just fine.
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
AS you are running bricklevel backups of the mailboxes rather than the entire Storage Group you will get these backup failures every now and again.

The only way to stop them is to switch to just backing up the storage group and not bothering with individual mailboxes.

If you enable your deleted email retention, and deleted mailbox retention in Exchange and set this to say 1 month, then you will get far fewer requests to restore emails or mailboxes and can then in the event of a disaster, recover the entire storage group to the Recovery Storage Group and go from there.

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