Exchange 2003 Not Sending Mail !!

Our Exchange 2003 server is not sending or deliverying emails. We can not even receive internal emails. Here's what i do know so far.
(1) I can communicate with the exchange server.
(2) Our firewall is allowing smtp in, but internal bypasses it anyway.
(3) Every time I send myself a message, I see the total items in my mailbox count under system manager go up in size.
(4) There are no items in the queues being held.
(5) No event logs with error.
(6) was working last night at 6pm and not updates made.
(7) I have restarted.

Please help
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-  how can you communicate with the server? are you talking pings or outlook as an exchange client will load?
- are you sure all the exchange services are running on the machine? The MTA stacks and Routing Engine would stop mail flow if they were not running.
- when did this start? is this a new server or one that had been chugging away for a while and suddenly stopped. If it's NOT a brand new server, when did it stop working? What changed (software/hardware/config) on the server just before this trouble?
DFCRJAuthor Commented:
I tell you what it was, our spam software updates. Ninja!
They just issued the patch, oh well. Thanks for the help and thanks for the reponse.
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