Windows XP Pro SP2 Generates a "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" upon startup and locks up the PC.

When I start the PC,  I recieve the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services ecountered a problem and needed to close. Once I receive this message, the PC locks up and I cannot do anything except for a restart. All MS Patches have been applied as of 8/8/07. The PC does not display the message when I start it in Safe Mode.
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RubenvdLindenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably a problem with Windows AutoUpdate. As long as you don't close the message, the pc will not lock up.
Run services.msc to disable the Automatic Updates service, then restart your pc.
If it doesn't lock up anymore, that's your problem.

Run Windows Update manually, update everything, then try turning Automatic Updates on again.

I hope this helps.
do you have pcanywhere installed on your computer?
or Hp Printer / scannner

This issue could be conflict of flees between HP software and the Operating System.

Disabling Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) in Windows XP will resolve the issue.

Please perform the below steps to resole the issue:

1. From the Window Desktop, click Start, and then click ControlPanel.
The Control Panel will open.

2. Double-click the Administrative Tools icon. The Administrative Tools window will


3. Double-click the Services icon. The Services window will open.

4. Double-click the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) icon. The Windows Image

Acquisition (WIA) Properties (Local Machine) windows will open.

5. On the General tab, click the drop-down arrow in the Start-up Type box and select


6. Click Stop. A window will open with a message stating the service is being found.

When the message closes, verify the ServiceStatus displays Stopped. Repeat this step

if necessary.

7. Click Apply, and then click OK.
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