Replacing Memory - where is the second DIMM slot?

A client of mine has a Compal DCY30 notebook. The exact model on teh back was DCY30-15. I am upgrading the RAM for him.

I purchased a stick of ram from Kingston (DDR PC2700, 512MB, SODIMM 200 pin) and tried installing it today. I located a DIMM slot underneith of the keyboard of the laptop, it was holding a 256MB stick of ram. So I replaced it and all is well.

But where is the second DIMM slot? I found another slot under the keyboard that resembled a SODIMM slot, but it was small by half a centimeter or so, and the pins were not correct.

I've looked extensively at the bottom of the laptop. There are a few panels you can open to expose the bottom fan/cooling unit of the laptop, but there is nothing in the way of memory bays. Newer compal's do have the memory on the bottom, but not this one.

So, has anyone dealt with this model of computer before? Where is the second memory slot?

I found a picture of the exact model of laptop, slightly disassembled, on ebay:

You can see the small plate in the middle, this is the memory bay I found. The plate on the left side is the slot that was too small that I described.
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gjutrasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the link to the manual and it has pictures
You probably have to get to the hidden one under the keyboard.
Frosty555Author Commented:
DAMN that was fast! I have been searching for the manual for almost a WEEK!

This is perfect, thank you gjutras!

FYI - the under-the-keyboard one is actually the one I found. Remember that "panels you can open to expose the bottom fan/cooling unit of the laptop" I mentioned? Yeah... according to the manual you sent me the second dimm slot is there. I must have missed it since there was no card in it.
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