OUTLOOK 2003, "You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation" when he's clicking on "Send & Receive"

One of my user, using Outlook 2003 under Windows 2000 Server can't send or receive e-mails. As soon as he click the send and receive button he get the error "You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation".

The thing is he got all the permission he need, he is local admin of the machine, I also verified that the outlook files in documents and settings were not on read only mode... Everything seem to be ok.

Any clue? He is connected to my Exchange 2003 system under my lan...

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ADUC, select the users properties and select the Exchange Advanced Tab.  See if the user has the correct permissions.

Exchange Advanced Tab
Simple display name is only used for backwards compatibility, for example, if you have NT 4.0, or systems that restrict the number of letters in the Alias.

from Exchange Address Lists has a variety of uses, for example, accounts that are really rooms, users who do not want to be in the address book, special Distribution Lists.

Hiding the object does not stop those who know, or can guess the email address, from posting messages to this user.

Mailbox Rights Here is where you can adjusted permissions for one user to 'Send On Behalf' of another user, for example, Boss / Secretary relationships.

 Remember to display the Advanced Features by clicking on the View menu in Active Directory Users and Computers.

NsteinAuthor Commented:
No its not, I verified *.srs file and he got correct attribute, I also renamed it so outlook create a new one.

Did not work.

User is admin local on the machine.
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Rather than continuing, I might just create another profile to see if that clears it up.
Remove the e-mail acount from outlook and re setup it, but first you should  take a full backup of your e-mails !

Is the Exchange server in a domain, is the user logged in the domain, does he have domain user account ?
NsteinAuthor Commented:
It was the group SELF under advanced exchange properties who did not have the correct permission. Thanks for your help.
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