How do I create sub-folder in the Global Address List?

I've done multiple Google searches and searched the EE database, but have found nothing useful.  Is it possible/advisable to create sub-folders in the Global Address List?  We have an in-house Exchange Server 2003 SP2 box, and we're running Active Directory.  I'm in the process of creating about 100 email addresses for a division of our company.  I'd like to place these addresses (and related Distribution Groups) in their own folder within the Global Address List so that the GAL doesn't get too long and bloated.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
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You don't create a "sub" of a Global Address List -- you create ANOTHER Global Address List.
See the attached links to shared hosting with Exchange 2003.

Rather than create subfolders of your GAL, you would could multiple address lists for the different company divisions.
griffisblessingAuthor Commented:
What I've found so far is that I go in to System Manager, and then create a new Address List under Recipients - All Address Lists.  Then I create a custom rule that (in my case) is looking a particular entry in the Active Directory Description field.  This works for both users and Distribution Groups.  Thanks for your help.
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