How to recover from ExMerge on >4Gb mailbox in Exchange 5.5 and log has filled up the disk

I am trying to do an EXMERGE on Exchange 5.5 with a mailbox that is >4Gb in size.
I forgot about the 2Gb .PST file size limit (my VERY bad).
I tried to cancel the job.  It says it will abort after the current folder.  Now the log file has filled up the disk (>53Gb).

What are my steps to get out of the program and then to recover the information into the mailbox?
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czcdctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Copy it somewhere and open it up in Outlook first, then try exmerge it in.
All being well the file stopped filling up when it hit the 2GB limit. Sometimes they're ok, sometimes it all goes wrong.
Terminate it using task manager.
Clean up the disk.
Then do the exmerge again but select a set of dates to go between. Repeat the exmerge until you've taken everything out into smaller files.
JHammererAuthor Commented:
What will happen to the data?
Will the original .pst have ANY data in it?  Will it have a chunk of emails or will the mailbox be in it's original state?
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I hope you didn't select the option to delete the messages when the exmerge was done. Ordinarily (and by default) the exmerge is just a copy out. You then decide what to do about the mailbox (keep/delete/etc.)
JHammererAuthor Commented:
I cannot check the setting.  I am getting a C++ runtime error.
Could this be because the log file has filled the disk?
Should I save the log file and delete it to check the setting?
What issues may I have if the exmerge does a delete instead of a copy out?
Just covering my bases.
The log file in the exmerge directory? If so, just delete it.
If you've ticked the option to delete the messages then you will need the power of prayer.
JHammererAuthor Commented:
the process I have been doing is as follows:
exmerge from original exchange server to pst
do mailbox move from original server to new server
exmerge from pst to new server

If the pst file is good, can I do an exmerge back to the original server and will it add the entries to the mailbox?
The original PST file probably won't be accessible. Only you can try it though.
So, from the Exchange Administrator can you see if you've been deleting mail on the exmerge or have you just been copying? Again, only you can tell.
JHammererAuthor Commented:
Looks like it has been deleting.
The information store said that there were 76,232 items but 0 Kb.
Now there are 49,603 items and 2,457,520 KB.
I have done a scanpst and it says that it is okay.
Could I try to exmerge it back into the original server?
JHammererAuthor Commented:
I can get into exmerge now.
The setting for Data Import is Archive data to target store.  Next time I go to "move" a much smaller mailbox, I will change the setting and save it.
I the pst2gb and scanpst worked.
I am trying to use exmerge to pull the pst into the original server.  I hope this works.
I have "most" (if not all) of the information from the pst2gb/scanpst and back ups.  It is just longer that way.
I am praying that it works. (It's working on the \Inbox folder currently.)
JHammererAuthor Commented:
The exmerge back to the original server worked.
It looks like I am missing 1 1/2 days of information.  I'm off to my mailbox back ups.

Say, do you know how to get a date sorted list of emails in the mailbox restore for Backup Exec 8.6?

I am awarding you the points.  More for being the voice on the end of the phone (old technology quote, or what?).
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