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I have a wireless network in my house with a D-Link D1 614+ router. I also have a Netgear WRG 614 router that I would like to use as a wired switch and bypass the wireless capabilities. Is this possible?

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Robert EhingerIT specialistAsked:
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kumarakrishnanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Log into the Netgear router config page
2. Click "Lan IP setup" in the left pane
3. Uncheck "Use router as DHCP server"
4. Click save
5. Connect an ethernet cable from Dlink router to any of the lan ports (one of the 4 ports) of the Netgear

Now the Netgear is ready for you  to use it as a wired switch. Your Dlink will be the main router which hands out IP address and serve wireless as well. You may use the remaining 3 ports on the Netgear router to connect to your PC etc.
Do not connect anycable to the internet port (isolated one) on the netger router
Yes, simply configure netgear as a router/switch and D-Link  as an wireless access point
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Do I do that at the server?
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No you browse in the configuration utilies of those boxes.

Both if them have an IP adress, browse to that adress and and you will find. The default administration passwords are in their manuals.
Yea, you will need to login to the netgear, normally by browsing to, and turn off the wrireless options.
This should help you get connected.

You also need to do this

In the Netgear router config page..
Click Advanced wireless settings in the left pane
Uncheck "Enable wireless access point"

To log into the netgear router config page do 1 of the foll
- browse to www.routerlogin.com 
- browse to or (depends on your router version)
If both of the above doesnt help, then switch off your dlink router and then try
Let's keep it simple. setup your Netgear Router as a router then connect the D-LINK to the network by connecting a CAT5 cable to port side of the D-Link to the port side of the Netgear. This way the D-Link works as an access point.
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