Lotus Notes and DLL

We have Lotus notes 6.5 and application try to access from the drive and open up word document  , this Dll will display a word document and modify it according to values u pass from notes to the dll back ..
Is this possibly to make implement from Lotus Notes ..
If somebody get any example, please forward it ..  
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As described in your other question, this is a problem for the VB formum.  We've already established that you've done the correct thing in LotusScript, and there is no problem there.  Now you have to learn how to do the VB. Different question.
In theory, you should be able to use the MS word COM API or OLE to do this.

Where is the data in Notes, and is the Word document is a specific format ?
Where does the data go in the Word document ?

Need more specifics.

I hope this helps !
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If you want to work diretcly with the DLL, then you need, in your lotusScript global declarations, to DECLARE a function from the DLL, including all the parameters and COMPATIBLE LotusScript variable types.  You can then call that DLL function as if it was a native LotusScript function.

See Designer help, topic name Calling external C language functions  
You did not mention that you used .NET to create this.  It should be relatively simple for you to create an ActiveX/OLE/COM interface instead of a DLL.  LotusScript can then access it via CreateObject (works exactly like VB CreateObject)
LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
Thank you .. do you have exmaple of the Script code ?  
LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
Thank you very much .. Thast more details i got now ..
 I like your example #2 .. I will forward DLL from Lotus notes to Word Document ..
DLL will update Word Template and forward it to me back to display in Lotus Notes .
I am not sure if this good proctice to handle it, but htis one of the request .. If you have some comments I will be very happy to follow up with that    
LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
Hello ..
I have my DLL from written in VB.NET that has a single function name Test , that returns a string value .
I am created Lotus Script agent
Declare Function test Lib "C:\testDLL.dll" Alias "class1" (Byval parmString1 As String, Byval  parmString2 As String) As String

Sub Initialize
      Dim s As New NotesSession    
      Dim       PassSelection1,      PassSelection2 , rc As String
      'PassSelection1  = doc.PassSelection1(0)
      'PassSelection2  = doc.PassSelection2(0)
      PassSelection1  = "Hell"
      PassSelection2  = "Word"
      rc = test(PassSelection1,PassSelection2)      
End Sub

and every time I am run agent the message come up "External function not found" ..
Any HELP or advise welcome ..
do I need registered DLL and how to do it ?
This isn't a Notes problem anymore, it is a VB problem.  Notes is doing ths right things, and you've probably declared your parameters correctly.  The problem is that the DLL does not contain a function "class1" Note that it is case sensitive, "class1" is not the same as "Class1" and a good practice is to declare the function with the same name as the alias if possible.

If you get a portable executable inspector, you can check to see if the function exists.
LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
THAT DLL function:
  Dim ob As New testDLL.Class1
        Dim str As String

        str = ob.test("hello", " world")



      Dim s As New NotesSession    
      Dim objdomdoc As Variant
      Set objdomdoc  = CreateObject("testDLL.Class1")
      Dim rc  As String       
      rc = test("Hello","Word")            
Need to declare it ? and where my problem. DLL already register ..

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