Saving email w/ attachments using lotus notes

My company was just bought out by a major corporation who uses Lotus Notes as their mail support system.  My old company used Microsoft Outlook.  The issues is that because of our old company's record retention policy we are requiered to save correspondences such as emails along with attachments.  This was not a problem with my old company but the new company is having a hard time trying to come up with a way to save the email along with the attachment in Lotus Notes.  Their system runs on Microsoft Ex P is there a way to bridge the gap so that this can be done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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lynnell35Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok, I've found a solution to this problem.  I am able to convert the e-mail plus attachment into an adobe PDF.  Not only can i do this for one email but i can use this same process to save multiple emails together.
What is  " Their system runs on Microsoft Ex P"

ALso there are plenty of third party companies that specialize in mail archiving, including Symantec, and others.

In Notes, itself, it is quite difficult to remove attachments globally.

The best thing is to archive the mail *.nsf files themselves.

I hope this helps !
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
other probably less favorable method would be to maybe setup a temp exchange server, convert the data over from notes to exchange and then use your previous methods of archiving information from exchange.

don't know how easy this would be for you but just a shot. There are plenty of tools out there to convert domino server to exchange and I believe Microsoft even provides one (I'm used to migrating the other way :)...
WHy aren't you able to comply with the NEW company record retention policy instead?

What format do you have to save the messages to? There are tools on the market to do this.

If the particular format doesn't matter, you can leave them retained in Notes format.  Alternatively, you can export them into DXL, which is Domino's XML DTD for its own document constructs.

There are also records retention systems designed to do what you are asking in a robust way, while it sounds like you used to do this with a simplistics Save As from Outlook.

The simplest 4rd party tool for this is probably Transend.  If you export to EML format, you get your messages with attachments, and the message retains HTML formatting.
At a command prompt enter   gpupdate  /force   to force a group policy update. Then check the event log of the workstation for any errors. Hopefully in the application log you will see a SceCli event stating group policy was applied successfully. Run gpresult as well. That should also provide some valuable data.
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