Importing data to EPICOR accounting database

Is this even feasable?   I am development a database using SQL SERVER 2005, and Access Front end.   Our company is using EPICOR accounting software.  I need to for my DB and the EPICOR system to communicate.  In other words, when in my database the product is distrubuted, I want to update the epicor system so that accounting go continue to do there job.  Is that such a program or vendor that will allow me to map my fields and those of EPICOR and in a way (sorta like a trigger) update the EPICOR accounting software.  

I am not sure if I am explaning myself, but in simple terms, I just want to know if I create a database, would I be able to import my data to that of epicor in a cost effective way -- we are non-profit organization.

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It looks to me like Epicor built their product with this kind of situation in mind.  They have an import tool that they claim will do it "seamlessly"
epicazoAuthor Commented:
do you know if biztalk is a similar product?
I honestly couldn't tell you because I"m not familiar with Epicor, I just poked around their site to find that article.  I can tell you however that in almost every situation I've come across where a 3rd party software company sells an import tool, they expect you to use theirs and won't support you if you do anything else.
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