Cannot proerly connect to Project Server 2003 web access via VPN

In a nutshell:
PWA works perfectly when connecting on the local LAN, error conditions exist when connecting using VPN. I have verified this by 1) connecting locally and testing then 2) using the same LAN connection, connecting via our VPN server (Juniper).

o Project Server 2003 SP1
o NTLM authentication
o Tested with IE 6.0 and IE 7.0
o Also tested with Nortel VPN client with the same results.
o Tested with all firewalls disabled.

I can connect to the PWA home page no problem.

1. When I click Projects from the main menu, the following message flashes on the screen then I am returned to the PWA home page:
There are no projects to display in this view.
You either do not have permissions to see any projects in this view or the projects you have permissions toview have not yet been published. Contact your server administrator.
(There are most definitely projects to display)

2. When I choose Tasks from the PWA main menu, an empty grid flashes on the screen and I am returned to the PWA home page.

3. When I choose Resources from the PWA main menu, I get the following message in an OKOnly dialog box:
An error occurred while trying to access the resources stored on the database. Either there are too many resources,or the Project Server may not have the correct DSN conFiguration. Contact the server administrator.
(The DSN is correct. I even tested it using IP addresses instead of names)

3. When I choose Updates from the PWA main menu, I get a "Loading data..." message flashes and I am returned to the PWA home page.

4. Risks, Issues, and Documents menu items work correctly.

Here's what I do know:

o All service packs and updates are installed.
o Security settings are correct - the testing was done with both standard user and admin rights.
o When I trace the IIS traffic and reproduce the error, I found that at the point of failure, the client is GETing the file /ProjectServer/styles/1033/PWAGrid.css. This file does not exist anywhere on the server, client, or Project Server installation DVD. Not as a zipped file, not in any CAB files, not anywhhere that I can find.
o When I trace IIS on a non-VPN connection, PWAGrid.css is never requested by the client.
o All addresses can be resolved (DNS) by both the server and the client.
o The supporting SQL Server (2000 SP4) is installed on the same box as Project Server 2003.

After week, this is making me crazy. I can't be the Lone Ranger here...someone else has surely run into this...

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winzigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When same hi qualified MPS consultant  instaled MPS he didn't entered FQDN od SQL server
, and client's aren't able resolve SQL server name.

t_swartzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if this will help, but I had problems with PWA from outside the local lan, turned out to be a name resolution problem. We fixed by ensuring all names were the same, and were resolvable internally and externally. Make sense? Project server resolves name or for instance, regardless of whether you are inside or outside the network.
bmatsoukasAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will go through naming in detail and let you know.
bmatsoukasAuthor Commented:
t_swartz -- you were on the right track: the name was not resolving correctly. Why I don't know as I had no problem pinging the SQL server from Project Server using only the computer name. However the solution submitted by winzig was the fix. I went into SharePoint admin and changed the assignment of the content database server and the configuration database server to and it worked. Thank you both. You have no idea how painful this problem has been (or mayby you do :). Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You can't change name of the project server this way

You have to use
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Project Server 2003\BIN\1033\CONNINFO.EXE or
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Project Server 2003\BIN\1029\CONNINFO.EXE (number depends on your language)

to change name of the SQL server with project DB
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