Select the location of a file in microsoft access and store that location as a hyperlink

Select the location of a file in microsoft access and store that location as a hyperlink
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bonjour-autConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ittechdarren,

You can use Word VBA from MS-Access-Application.
So you can do nealy everything, which is supported from Word-VBA.
e.g. you can search for word documents, search the content, copy the content, make a new document, etc.
The real challenge is, that the content of a word document is not structured (there are no field like in a db or cell like in excel), so to extract specific parts of the text you will need reliable logical marks in the text, as e,g, Diagnosis: ..... End., Summary: ....End.,  Prescription: ....End
so if you think you have this prerequisites, i can supply sample code, how to open word document, search for a part of text and generate a new word documnet from access code.

regards, Franz
ittechdarrenAuthor Commented:
I was not very descriptive above; Please let me explain.
I need to build a pretty simple database that is being used for a transcriptionist to enter info about the patients from the doctors dictation. Here is the deal, 9 out of 10 times when the doctor sees a patient he will dictate same as last seen. If I had a way for the database to track word documents (they are word becasue thats what they transcribe into). I could click a button to take and open the last seen document. Of course that would be a query against the last seen date. I hope this is a little clearer.
there is a journal feature in microsoft outlook you could enable. that tracks documents, dates, times and you can open them from there.
ittechdarrenAuthor Commented:
Thats not gonna work for me, I need a database Solution
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