Parition a Mac without the disc

I have an old Pismo Powerbook G3 and I dont have the original disc of Mac OS9. So I obtained a .dmg image of the disc and tried to boot that.

Ideally I would like to partition the hard drive and duel boot with ubuntu. How is it possible to have the Mac recognize the .dmg image of the Mac OS9 disc? I want to be able to get into disk setup and initialize the partition process.

1MB Cache
8MB Video/DVD
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
As far as I know there is NOT a version of Ububuntu for the PPC chip which is in your G3 .. in fact there are not too many PPC versions of Linux ..
Have a look at Yellow Dog Linux, Gentoo or PenguinPPC versions.

You can't boot from a DMG image. You'll have to use Disk Utility to burn the DMG as a CD.  If the Powerbook doesn't have a CD -R drive then you'll have to track down another mac and burn off the CD there.

Once you boot from the CD you can format and re-partition the drive.

Alternatively, remove the HD from the laptop, pick up a 2.5" IDE drive to USB drive adapter at a good computer store or online

Then you could plug the drive into another mac, format and mount the OS9 DMG file and install it on the new drive .. all in one go!
ascintoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a wallstreet 250MHz G3 with originally 64MB of ram, I installed an older version of ubuntu and it was pretty much unusable. I used version 5.04 of Ubuntu, they used to support PPC and I'm sure the older ubuntu PPC disk images are still available. But, as I mentioned, the amount of ram is really going to impact the usability of the laptop unless you change the window manager and do whatever else you can to lower the memory footprint of the OS - otherwise it's going to use virtual memory and constantly read and write to the swap file.

So what I ended up doing is picking up a 256MB SO-DIMM for the powerbook for $25, and now with all that ram I decided to dual boot OS 9 and OS X, version 10.3. Offically unsupported but it works great on this powerbook. I put in a WaveLan card for wireless, and it's a fully functional laptop now.

Check this article for information if your interested;

And google Ubuntu PPC version 5.04 ( I think 6.something was the last PPC version ) if you want Ubuntu specifically, otherwise YellowDog and the others suggested will work too.
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