Juniper Networks Netscreen Support for Multiple ISP's

I am considering the purchase of a Juniper Networks Netscreen-25. However, after reading through the documentation I'm still slightly confused about some of the Netscreen's capabilities. So here's my question:

I'd like the ability to support multiple ISP's. We currently have a T-1 supporting our office of about 25 people. The T-1 also supports a IPSEC VPN with our remote office. Generally, the T-1 works well - but it gets bogged down with "junk" traffic (YouTube, internet radio, etc...). We're in advertising so, believe it our not, YouTube and similar sites are actually work-related when performing research and what not - blocking them isn't an option.

Is it possible, with the Netscreen-25 to use multiple ISP's (T-1 for mission critical application traffic, etc... and Cable or DSL for web browsing)? Are the routing capabilities of the Netscreen-25 able to utilize these multiple connections? I'd rather not have multiple gateways on my LAN, I'd like all clients to point to the Netscreen and have it handle the routing. Specifically:

1. Can the Netscreen send traffic to a specified gateway/ ISP based on protocol? (http to one ISP, and SMTP to another ISP for example)
2. Can the Netscreen route traffic to a specified gateway/ ISP based on source IP address? ( would use the T-1, all other hosts would use the cable connection)

Also, I'd like to know how complicated implementing any of the above mentioned scenarios would be.
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knightrider2k2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have never configured source based routing on a netscreen. I am logged into a netscreen right now and I can say it is very simple.
You just provide ip address/subnet mask and then the gateway. Thats it.
From the juniper 25 Datasheet, it only supports source based routing. It means that you can route traffic based on the source, and not protocol.
You need policy based routing.
I would recommend Cisco ASA 55xx
david_brunelleAuthor Commented:
Source based routing could prove to work fine for what I'm trying to accomplish, as long as the Netscreen does it well, and it's easy to configure. Even after years of assisting in the administration of Cisco products, I still feel that the IOS and the command line in particular, requires too much specific knowledge and consumes too much time.

I've been receiving the impression that managing the Netscreen is a bit less complex, and more intuitive. Any more specific experience about implementing source based routing and multiple ISP's on the Netscreen?
david_brunelleAuthor Commented:
Thanks Knightrider - additionally, it appears that as of ScreenOS 5.4 the NetScreen will support policy-based-routing. There's some info on policy-based-routing here: in the Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide: Vol 7.

Can you confirm that setting up PBR is really as simple as it sounds? Also - how would you rate your experience with Netscreen?
Hello David

Netscreen is a reliable device and handles traffic very good. And from the command reference of netscreen, PBR looks easy to configure.
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