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ShellExecute block until executable is launched


I'm currently using ShellExecute to execute an exe. I am looking for a way to make sure that the ShellExecute call does not return until the call has been completed..

ie : if you use ShellExecute as

long r = (long) ShellExecute(NULL,_T("open"),"myexe.exe", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

It will launch the myexe.exe but will not wait for it to complete. Is there any way for it to wait ?
1 Solution
I suspect ShellExecute returns you  a process ID, so you can probably do a processwait or processinquiry until that process goes away?

Here is an older solution that might work for you. Its basically the same as grg99's.
#include <windows.h>
#include <shellapi.h>
#include <tchar.h>

//      Function returns TRUE on success, and FALSE on failure
//      dwRet - is set to the process return code on success, and the result of GetLastError() on failure
//  nShow - is SW_SHOW ect...
//  tcWorkingDir - string of the working directory
//      tcExe - is the excutable name
//      tcArgs - are arguments to the executable
BOOL ShellExecuteWait( DWORD& dwRet , int nShow , TCHAR* tcExe , TCHAR* tcWorkingDir = NULL , TCHAR* tcArgs = NULL  )
      BOOL bRet = FALSE;
      SHELLEXECUTEINFO sexi = {0};
      sexi.cbSize = sizeof( SHELLEXECUTEINFO );
      // No Parent ( Note this is just for the example )
      sexi.hwnd = NULL;
      // Set flag so the hProcess handle is initialized by the call to ShellExecuteEx
      sexi.lpDirectory = tcWorkingDir;
      sexi.lpFile = tcExe;
      sexi.lpParameters = tcArgs;
      sexi.nShow = nShow;
      // Returns Non-Zero on success
      if( ::ShellExecuteEx( &sexi ) )
            DWORD dwSignaled = ::WaitForSingleObject( sexi.hProcess , INFINITE );
            // WAIT_OBJECT_0 is success for the event trigger
            if ( dwSignaled == WAIT_OBJECT_0 )
                  // Returns Non-Zero on success
                  if( ::GetExitCodeProcess( sexi.hProcess , &dwRet ) )
                        bRet = TRUE;
      dwRet = ::GetLastError( );
      return bRet;
void main()
      DWORD dwRet;
      ShellExecuteWait( dwRet , SW_SHOW , _T("notepad.exe") , _T("C:\\windows") , _T("C:\\test.txt") );

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