AVG picking up Win32/PolyCrypt

OK...I have 2 machines that are running AVG and this morning AVG detected "Win32/PolyCrypt" in some Excel files.
I had copies of these files on another machine and they scanned with Microsoft Live Antivirus, and opened on another machine just fine.
So, I had loaded these on a flash drive and proceeded to try and load them onto the machine with the excel files that were in the "vault".
When I tried to move these onto the machine AVG alerted to the "Win32/PolyCrypt" once again.
Is it the AVG that is picking up bogus virus alerts and should just be disabled? Or is it the Microsoft product?????
Any help or suggestions would be great!!
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MaerosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft's AV product has received poor reviews from reknown testers like VirusBulletin and AV-Comparatives.org .

If you want to be doubly-sure they are clean (or infected), you can submit the files for free at either VirusTotal or Jotti Malware Scan online where they'll be scanned by several AV products all at once.  This is a good way to determine if a file is truly infected or not because it goes through a "gauntlet" of AV scans.

jvalescuAuthor Commented:
Thanks I had already checked things out with Jotti and it looks like a bogus virus definition update, I have 3 machines that are pulling up bogus but are OK.
I was just comming back to tell everyone to forget about it! You had the same solution as I and it worked for me so You will get the points anyhow!
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