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I am installing Exchange 2007 and have run 'setup /preparead' successfully.  Yet everytime I try to install exchange, i get the 'You need to run the setup/ preparead....' error again and again.  Any thoughts?

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Create Account ex07admin within the AD Domain / Forest.  This account will be used to install and configure Exchange 2007 within the Active Directory.  It will require the following permissions prior to Installation:

"      Schema Admins (only required for first install to extend the Schema)
"      Enterprise Admins
"      Domain Admins (Required in all domains which will have Exchange 2007 installed)
"      Local Admins on each server Exchange 2007 will be installed on.

Exchange 2007 AD preparation will take place in stages as follows:

"      setup /prepareSchema
This command connects to the schema master and imports LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) files to update the schema with Exchange 2007 specific attributes.  This command will be run on the Schema Master server
"      setup /prepareAD
This command configures global Exchange objects in Active Directory, creates the Exchange Universal Security Groups (USGs) in the root domain, and prepares the current domain. This command will be run on the Schema Master server
"      setup /preparedomain:FQDN
 /preparedomain:fqdn domain command. This command will prepare each domain in the forest. This command will be run on the Schema Master server
add you service account the correct permissions and run through GUI install.  On the first EX07 install it does the same process as maunally preparing schema and ad
one last thing if this is your first ex07 server run the command /PrepareAD /OrganisationName:xxxxxxxxxx

xxx = organisation name
Ok, you dont have to run all the different command running setup with no switches or setup with switches will do a prepare for you which will update the schema and domain.

The key would be the account you are installing with having the correct rights.

Once this is run if you are in a child domain etc.... you need to let replication occur however you can run setup /dc  and point to the dc which the schema master is on and should be updated
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