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I'm trying to create a report that shows employees who transfered from one department to another.  I have only one difficulty though. I want to show their current department and their previous department. How can I show the previous department?
There is a position history table that shows all the departments that an employee has been to. So basically the last entry in that table shows the current department ,and the entry before the last shows the previous department. How can I show the entry before the last in my report?

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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a group based on the ID.  Sort the records into descending date sequence within the group.
Add a Running total field to the detail line. The running total should be a Count of the id field, evaluated for each record and reset on change of group.
Use a conditional suppression on the detail line:


You can suppress the group headers and footers if you want.
I assume the records have a PersonID and an appointment date in each record?
cadkinsAuthor Commented:
Yes they do
cadkinsAuthor Commented:
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