Whenever we try and do any typing on this computer with this version of AOL, the typing is interrupted.

I removed as many unnecessary processes as I could.  I defragged with Diskeeper, ran Checkdisk and made repairs, uninstalled and reinstalled AOL, deleted programs like Viewpoint.

I traced it to the AOL welcome page. It is now a full web page, and it is refreshing every 10-15 seconds. When it refreshes, the welcome page becomes the active page, although NOT the top page. During the refresh the cursor disappears and the the title bar of whatever window we are in becomes inactive. We have to click in the window again to continue typing.

The fix is to open email, then to close the AOL welcome screen.  We would rather not do this. On other computers, some slower, this problem doesn't exist.

Anybody with this problem?

Thanks.   Larry
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Greetings computerlarry !

On other computers, do you have the same version of AOL as the problem computer?  Does it have the same Welcome page?  

Look at what needs to be updated.  Stock report? Weather? Email?  Turn those off if you can.

If Welcome page steals focus, you need to open to another AOL page that does not still focus. or close the AOL page.

Best wishes, war1

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Thanks, war1
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