How do I find out and change if necessary the blog id? blogid id xmlrpc

How do I find out and change if necessary the blog id? I am wondering if it is somewhere in the admin panel??? I am trying to access the xml rpc library (from AS3) and it is asking for the blogid.

wordpress = new WordPress("","/blog/xmlrpc.php","blog_id_here", "visitor", "visitor");

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Unless you're using WordPress mu, the blog_id should be 0 (zero).

Interested to know if this works.

omicronpersei8Author Commented:
A little. If you look at the xml-rpc page it shows what I am trying to do. I'm trying to make that call,

For example,

Get the page identified by the page id.

    * int blog_id
    * int page_id
    * string username
    * string password

Where is that defined? Is it through the admin panel?
By the way, it's stored in the "options" table of the DB.

omicronpersei8Author Commented:
thanks. you are correct. the blog id is 0. fyi, in the current version of wordpress this value makes no difference. the issue for me was i had to upgrade to wordpress 2.2.2 for the xmlrpc call to work.
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