RRAS uninstalled on SBS 2003 cannot reinstall

I am working with a new client running Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack 1.  Their RRAS service has not been working for a while.  When you try to start the service, You get an error 1114: a dynamic link library could not be initialized.  I uninstalled the service using instsrv util, then went into Server Management to reinstall the service.  The setup result in an error.  The rraslog is as follows:

8/9/2007 11:05 PM
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking\RRASWiz\wizrras.dll, version 5.2.2651.0
Calling CRRASCommit::CommitEx
Calling CRRASCommit::ValidatePropertyBag
pdispPPPBag->QueryInterface returned OK
PropertyBag 257508
Reading property value for enabling Remote Access returned OK
bRemoteAccess = 1
Reading property value for VPN returned OK
bVPN = 1
Reading property value for RAS returned OK
bRAS = 0
Calling CRRASCommit::ValidateVPNProperties
Reading VPN Server Name returned OK
VPN Server Name is mail.commserv.us
Calling CRRASCommit::ValidateDHCPProperties
DHCP server is installed on the box
CRRASCommit::ValidateDHCPProperties returned OK
CRRASCommit::ValidateVPNProperties returned OK
CRRASCommit::ValidatePropertyBag returned OK
pdispPPPBag->QueryInterface returned OK
Pointer to the property bag 257508
Calling CRRASCommit::CommitRRAS
PropertyBag 257508
bRAS 0
bVPN 1
Getting the GUID of the private NIC returned OK
Private NIC Guid is {EEC8C8C2-917C-40F2-9339-50EE7CA56707}
Checking whether RRAS is already running returned OK
RRAS is not running
*** Installing RRAS returned ERROR 80070002
Specifying error location returned OK
*** CRRASCommit::CommitRRAS returned ERROR 80070002
*** CRRASCommit::CommitEx returned ERROR 80070002

How do I get RRAS reinstalled and running?
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One thing you need to look at is be sure the default SBS "MyBusiness" OU is in place and in order. Make sure it hasn't been deleted or renamed.

Then in this link, in an attachment to one of the posts by Mariette is a utility called rarepair.exe. No guarantees but it might help

Did you try to uninstall the RRAS from the server, restart the machine and try to run window update or update the latest service pack. After that try to reinstall back the service.

Is the machine running any others server 2003 service?
forthphazeAuthor Commented:
sguinn100's link to the repair tool did the trick.  the server rebooted twice and once back online the RRAS service was installed and disabled.  I started the service and configured the ports and everything is good to go.

Glad to hear you are up and going. Have a great day!
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