Don't Get Sound with Cable TV on PC

1.) I have Winfast DTV2000H which is a Hybrid TV tuner.
2.) Cable in Aus needs analogue.
3.) Sound with Digital (free to air) IS working  and has continually worked throughout
4.) Sound with cable (analogue) WAS working with 1 TV Tuner installed (Cable Box RF to TV Tuner Card RF)
5.) Had 2nd TV Tuner installed - cable(analogue) sound gone.
6.) Had 2nd TV removed - sound still gone.
7.) Reinstalled driver & Reinstalled software (have only 1 tuner now)
8.) Looked inside no loose wires (don't know what I was looking for)

For any of you that may have noticed I have revisited this general area several times please don't feel I have wasted your time. My path has been as follows and led me to an outcome that I am very happy with and which suits my needs.
1. Had 2 Hybrid TV tuners was going to use with PC 1 view and 1 to record.
2. To much hassle to perfect taping so ordered PVR (with tuner).
3. Still not sure about little TV window on screen ordered Samsung 225MS monitor to use with PVR.
4.TV Tuner still in PC. I would like to be able to use the PC TV (for viewing only) while waiting for order (Samsung 225MS just released big hit and on back order with everyone, unfortunately means that MW will not be here for some time).
5. Still wish to use PC TV tuner (viewing only) but would like to not have to when using certain applications hence new external TV.
6.Current Problem: Sound with cable not working.
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Hmmm....doesn't sound like I'm much help here - sorry.

When you say 'I have both on Aux (RF line)' you are refering to the signal connections coming off the Winfast card, yes?

Any you have probably confirmed that both Line IN and Aux/CD IN are operational signal inputs by hooking other sources up to them.

Hello Marina:

Please excuse me if I'm going over old ground here, but...

I looked at the Leadtek site:

and was wondering which version of the DTV2000H you are using -

Version I appears to use only the internal sound connector - it goes from the card to your CD IN on the motherboard/audio card (this is an analog signal input).

Version J uses either the internal sound connector as in Version I OR the external Line IN connector - using an odd S-video cable that breaks out the sound and composite video on separate connectors as well as providing an S-video connector to go to other equipment.  Again, both of these are analog signals.

There is a note on the bottom ot the Version J telling you to set your sound sub-system (in Control Panel - Sound) to use Aux/CD IN for the internal cable and Line In for the external.  This would be the setting on the Sound applet accessible via the PC's Control Panel.

Speculating here, I think the analogue TV signal is being decoded in hardware and the sound is split out then sent to the one (or two on the J series) analog connectors above.  On the digital side, the signal is decoded in hardware as well, but the sound is routed to the sound sub-system via software, with the sound showing up as a separate input on your Sound control applet.  Once you have installed the TV card's software and look at the Sound applet in the Control Panel, do you see several potential sources for the system's sound?  These would be, perhaps, Aux/CD IN, Line IN and, perhaps, TV Tuner IN (?).

It may be necessary to adjust the sound source in the system's software to accomodate the different signal paths - one for analog, the other for digital TV signals.

Marina2006Author Commented:
I have version J.
The Analogue properties have:
1.)Audio Out Control Line: Aux, Wave, SW Synth, CD Player, Microphone, Line In, Phone. Mono Out.
2.)Recording Control  line: CD Player, Microphone, Aux, Line In, Phone, Mono Out, Wave Out Mix.
I had both on Aux (RF line) I have tried all the others still no sound.
Marina2006Author Commented:
I have indeed thank you for trying I think it's time to take it back to the PC technician I am out of my depth beyond the absolutley obvious.
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