Changing template and transferring change to all other child pages?

I created several pages based on a Frontpage template (.tem) I also created in Frontpage.  If I change something in the template, will I be able to "transfer" that change to all the webpages that I created that used that template? How?
I just changed a link in the template and I need all the pages that I created reflect that change.

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when you look at the generated HTML code, you can see there are no traces of template included. Those templates serve only for creating new pages :-((

What you need are dynamic web templates, which stay attached to all "their" files. so, if a dynamic web template is changed, all "its" pages are changed, too.

It works in FP 2003, not in earlier versions. See e.g.:
What you need to do is turn that template into a theme
Brundo is right - all you do with a template is use it to create new pages - and all others apges won't change if you change the template
But themes are used to do exactly what you are looking for - change site elements based on a central design
good luck

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