D$ in a machine is restricted.Is there any way to enter to the D$ remotely


Some of the machine D$ is disabled is there any other way to enter to the D$ to audit data.

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Brett DanneyIT ArchitectCommented:
D$ may not be share by default. Go to the drive right click and select properties. Go to the Sharing tab and check if "Share this folder" is selected. If not select it, at share name put D$. If this is all already present go to the Security tab and check the permissions.
Is it just the D$ share that's missing or are the C$ and admin$ shares missing as well.  The reason I ask is that there's a registry key that will disable the creation of "administrative" shares so although you can manually add the shares, they will be removed next time the machine reboots.
Or if it is just one or two computers that you are trying to get to, create a share at the root level, but call it something other than D$, say D-drive.  This share won't go away.  pay attention to the permissions though, in W2K3 the default share permission is everyone - Read.  
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bsharathAuthor Commented:
All the shares are present excluding D$...

Is there any way to login to D$...In any other way...
What is your D Drive?  Is it a CD-ROM?  If so, then understand that admin shares are not created for this device.
bsharathAuthor Commented:
No D Drive is the Partition of the HDD .I have C drive and D drives in all machines in my Organization.
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