AD Replicaiton not working

There are four DCs in a domain: DC1, DC2, DC3, and DC4.
There is a child domain with one DC: CDC1

Replication links for DC1 and DC2 are automatically created for only DC3 and DC4.
Replication links for DC3 and DC4 are automatically created for only DC1 and DC2.

A Replicaition link for CDC1 is created for DC1, DC2, DC3, and DC4.  But no replicaiton links for any DCs are created for CDC1.

How can this be remedied so that replication links for all DCs are created for all DCs?
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You should not expect to see a connection object to each and every DC from each and every DC - the KCC does not create a full mesh topology like the one you're describing since the scalability implications would be horrendous.  If you have manually created any replication connections, delete them and re-trigger the KCC - for a 4-DC network, the KCC will typically create the optimum topology for your environment.

If you suspect replication issues, you can also run dcdiag /v and netdiag /v from each domain controller to see if there are any likely-looking error messages.
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
I believe you donot have any manual connection objects created on the Dc's with the Kcc turned off ?
if so can you run Repadmin /kcc on the domain controllers. Kcc should be able to check the replication topology and create the connection objects. If not then we could check other settings.
also are any errors reported related to KCC in the Directory services event logs ??
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