Convert Basic RAID 5 and Basic RAID 5ee to Dynamic and Merge together?

Hi...I have just installed Windows 2000 server on a new xSeries IBM with 6 internal 73.4GB SAS HDD. I have used the first 2 disks in a RAID 1 configuration, and the remainding 4 RAID 5. Out of the RAID 5 array I have created 2 basic partitions, which leaves 136GB of unallocated space. I am going to be attaching an expansion bay which has 5 U320 HDD which is currenlty used on another machine and is configured RAID 5EE, and is a basic disk. What I would like to do, if possible, is convert the expansion bay to a dynamic volume, format and convert the remaining space from the server to a dynamic volume and merge the volumes together... is this possible? If not, are there any changes I can make to the current setup to make it possible?
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In theory I do not see an issue.

I would do this carefully, but I do not see any reason for concern such as Data loss while you are trying this.

I hope this helps !
tezza80Author Commented:
Hi.. after looking for more information on the net I came across this document

the following sentence from the document concerns me..

"If a volume was originally a partition on a basic disk then that volume can not be extended or spanned. Only volumes that are created on dynamic disks can be extended or spanned."

The expansion bay is a basic disk...will this mean I won't be able to merge it with a new volume... because even the new volume I create from the unallocated space will need to first be a basic partition before I convert it?
My understanding is that if it is Dynamic , it can be extended, regardless of how it became dynamic, but it is possible I am wrong.
Again, it should not hurt to try, and can't you define it as dynamic from the start ?

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tezza80Author Commented:
yeah well I guess it won't hurt to try.. I won't be able to do this till end of week...

but the expansion bay that is in use, that is currently a basic disk, so if I convert it to a dynamic disk, the basic partition will convert to a volume, and if that document is correct, then I should not be able to expand it.... if however, I backup the data on the expansion bay, convert the disk to dynamic, delete the volume, create a new volume, restore the data.. and then if my understanding is correct I should be able to span that volume and merge it with the unallocated space once I make that dynamic.. that is what I am thinking anyway, but I've never done this stuff before so I am not totally sure.
Again, since your data is going to be backed up, I do not see any issue in testing.

If you had a test machine it would be ideal, but with proper care, this can be done on a production machine also.

Forced accept.

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