Implement an internal IM system, using Server 2003 with AD and Exchange


I want to implement an internal Instant messaging system for our company of about 60 users.

I don't really want to invest in purchasing anything at this stage and would like to try and utilize what we already have.

So we are using Server 2003 for our domain controller with AD, as well as Exchange Server 2003.

One of the first things that came into my mind was Windows Messenger 5.0, but how can this be implemented with Exchange 2003? I did some reading and found that it only works for Exchange 200. And that for 2003 you need to use LCS 2005.

Any ideeas?
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kadadi_vConnect With a Mentor IT AdminCommented:
I think this is the different answer can use the jaber protocol ..menas use the wildfire server with mysql database server and pancdion chat client on desktops....Its freeware...


Exchange 2003 doesnt have IM...
You would have to install Live Communication Server 2003/2005.
Communication Server 2007 beta is available for evaluation.. try out
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The only product that would integrate is LCS, soon to be Office Communicator Services. It is very good if deployed correctly with all the options enabled.
However it does cost, you need the server and CALs.

If you want something free then look at Spark

Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
A lot depends on if you need AD and/or email integration with it.
ejabberd ( claims LDAP integration, but I have not tested this. It is also free (a very acceptable price) and you can probably add a module of your own design if you need to add extra features, but given AD is exposed as an LDAP provider, I suspect this would work ok against an AD user list.
cgru2Author Commented:
I am currently trying the above solution. I find OpenFire to be pretty tricky to setup to connect to AD.

Once I succed I will let you know.

cgru2Author Commented:
Great. Its all working using LDAP
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