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In which folder is a certain mail?

Hi All,
Is there a possibility for the following:
I open my mailbox in Lotus Notes, open the All Document view and see the mails and...
When I have a look at a certain mail I could decide in which folder this mail is.  (Supposing the mail is in a personal folder, not in Inbox or Sent Item)
3 Solutions
1. if you want to move the mail to a particular folder, click the "Folder" button and select "Move to Folder" then select the folder where you want to move the mail.
2. if you want to know in which folder(s) the mail is in, you need to write LS and use the FolderReferences property of the NotesDocument class.
attila01Author Commented:
You mean to create a new column in the All Documents view and give the LS as a value to that column?
Can you help me with that LS?

By default Domino does not store the folder references inside the document.  So, displaying the folder names in a view column is not possible.

You can enable a database property called "FolderReferencesEnabled".  This will cause Domino to store the folder references in the "$FolderRef" field of each document.  The value stored in this field, however, is the folder's UNID, not the folder's name, so you still could not display the names in a view column.
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If you have version 7 (I think it started there?) you can go to all documents and then Folders->Discover Folders and it will list all the folders the message belongs to
Yeah, definitely 7, 6 did not have it. A trick in 6 is to flip the unread mark for the doc on and off a bunch of times in a row, looking carefully to see which folder changes its unread count.  Either of these only works one document at a time.
Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:
1) Enable the [FolderReferencesEnabled] property of the database
2) The database must have the $FolderInfo and $FolderRefInfo hidden views to support folder references. These views can be copied from the mail template.
3) From your "all document" view, you will need to run an agent that will excute on unprocessed document.

Inside your agent, you will do the folowing :

Dim vColEntries As NotesDocumentCollection
Set vColEntries = Session.CurrentDatabase.UnprocessedDocuments
Dim vCurrentEntry As NotesViewEntry
Dim doc as NotesDocument

Set vCurrentEntry = vViewEntries.GetFirstEntry()
While Not vCurrentEntry Is Nothing
    Set doc = vCurrentEntry.Document
    i = 0
    Forall FolderReference In doc.FolderReferences
         i = i+1
         Print doc.noteid, "", i, "", FolderReference
    End Forall
    Set vCurrentEntry = vViewEntries.GetNextEntry(vCurrentEntry)

attila01Author Commented:
What do you mean by saying "from the all document view"?
When I create an agent then this can be called from the whole database not only from he all documents view.
Or do you mean to create a new column in the all documents view and your script would be the column value?
But there is only: Formula, Field and Simple Function.
Forced accept.

EE Admin

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