Complete and utter random hang in Windows Terminal Server 2003

I have a strange problem on my Windows Server 2003 Terminal serves, they can work just fine for hours and days before they go into a fit and stop working completely, users are unable to work, unable to log on and the only solution left is to hit the power switch and force a reboot.

I have tried upgrading to latest SP2, all windows updates, redoing the NLB settings, changing the RDP client settings, but to no avail.

The only change to the system has been the upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2007 and I am currently restoring a VMware image of the server pre Office upgrade into a virtual machine to see if things work out different on a server running Outlook 2003.

However, any tips on what I can do (since we would rather like to use Office 2007) would be appreciated.
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Is it just terminal services, or other services on that server go away as well during this degradation? As in, you can maybe can UNC to that server fine when it work normally, but once the term services starts flaking out, you may not be able to UNC to a HD on the system? Where I am going with this is that Server 2003 had a problem with the RPC server service trying to reset, and since by default, it does by rebooting the server,it caused problems. Unfortunately, the behavior was a slow degredation of services over several hours until finally nothing could be done except hard boot the server. Then all worked fine for a day or three, then same thing. To fix, in the recovery settings for the RPC server service, set it to to restart the service rather than the server when it errors for the 1st two attemtps, and do nothing that 3rd attempt.

zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
is your 2007 Office volume licensed?  (other licensing is not compatible with servers running terminal services)

have you checked Event Viewer to see possible errors or hangs?
We have not run into a problem running Office 2007 on a TS.  Are you suing the UPHClean service.  It may be that user resources are not being released correctly during their log off.

Also, make sure that users do log off or are forced to log off after a certain amount of idle time.
choltheAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions, I do think I stumbled across the solution myself.

Last week we used Outlook with PST files located in a shared file folder, not exactly supported by MS:..

The users at work last week were all heave users, with PSt files in the 1 gig pluss region, and it somehow seemed that Outlook struggled like a madman with this.

I decided to implement Exchange a couple of days earlier and moved these PST files into Exchange, reset up these users account to go towards the Exchange server, and then, no hang.

My theory is that the whole "shared folder PST thing" and huge PST files got too much for my servers.

So now my terminal servers no longer have to be force-rebooted, but I am still left with this old and annoying problem:

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