Max number of connections using IIS 7.0 on Vista Ulitmate

If I used IIS 7.0 with Windows Vista Ultimate... does it limit the number of connections to 10 like with Windows XP ?

If so, is there a way around it?
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No. IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista limits the number of simultaneous requests that can be processed. The limit differs depending on the edition of Vista that you run:
Windows Vista Home Basic and Starter editions: 3
Windows Vista Home Premium edition: 3
Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise editions: 10

The simultaneous request limit for IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista is an improvement over the connection limit for IIS running on earlier versions of the Windows client operating systems. When a connection limit is reached in IIS on earlier versions of Windows client operating systems, such as Windows XP, clients receive a 403.9Access Forbidden error and their request is not processed. On Windows Vista, the request is queued until IIS can process it.

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MrMoo123Author Commented:
ok thanks :o)
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