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exchange server log files is increasing in drive C space.
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if these are exchange transaction log files (5 MB each) then you can change the location of these logs
are you taking a backup of your exchange server regularly? an online back purges the logs after backing them up
Assuming that you're speaking about the exchange transaction files as mentioned above then you an either perform regular online backups to purge the log files or move their location. Personally, I would never put exchange or any of its storage databases/logs on the same partition as windows.

If you're talking about the Exchange databases where the messages are actually stored (.edb and .stm files), then these can also be moved to another partition. The accepted solution here explains how to do that. http:Q_22747430.html#a19648725
if your not backing up Exchange daily then enabling circular logging....  but not you'd be a risky IT man if your not to backup exchange maildata regularly...

Only my two cents but.... Only enable circular logging if the server does not host any user mailboxes. Fix the backup if its not working should be priority number one and then if you need to move the log files to a different drive.
Yes, I would agree with mass2612 here. Don't enable circular logging on a mailbox server since you don't have all the logs should you need to do a restore or something. Get the backup working and move the logs off to a different disk.
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