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AGAIN - 2nd video card for Dell Precision 690 - recommendations

I originally asked this question a while back, but the answer turned out to be incorrect after I received the card.

I need a PCI-E video card that will fit into an 8x slot, or a PCI card that will do dual DVI on XP 64-bit.

I don't have the 1kW Precision, nor do I want to buy an adapter to go from 16x to 8x.  I just want a dual head DVI card.
1 Solution
The card you purchased at jamietoner's suggestion in the previous question would have worked if you had the 1KW chassis ==> but since you don't have that model your options are somewhat limited.   You did mention that you didn't have the 1KW chassis in your previous question (in a comment you added after the question ... but the respondents apparently didn't pick up on that --> or didn't check Dell's site to see what that meant).

There are NO PCIe x8 SLOT video cards that I'm aware of ==> there are many PCIe x16 form-factor slots on motherboards that work at x8 speed; and any PCIe x16 card (like the one you purchased) will work at x8 speed in those slots ==> but the card (as you found out) will not physically fit in an x8 slot.

There are, however, some PCIe x1 cards ... such as the first card suggested above (in chuckyh's post) ... and they will work fine in one of your x4 slots.

A 4-output card (such as chuckyh's 2nd link) will also work ==> but a much less expensive alternative (since you only need 2 additional outputs) is a dual-DVI PCI card such as this:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814139012

trarthurAuthor Commented:

After further research, I concluded what you had just posted.  PCI-e x8 simply doesn't exist.  And had I wanted multiple x16 slots, I should have bought the 1kW model and specified the riser card.  Live and learn.

One last question:  is Jaton a reliable brand?  That card looks like it will do the trick for me, and use the only PCI slot available.
I don't have any experience with Jaton ... but the FX5200 is a tried-and-true nVidia chipset; so I'd think it's fine ==> it's also the only dual-DVI FX5200 I could find :-)      Worth ordering I'd think => Newegg has a good return policy, so the worst case is a 15% restock fee (~ $12) if it doesn't work for you.
Jaton's tend to work just fine.  I've used them off and on for years.

Dual head PCI cards can work quite well, they're just not the largest speed demons out there.  Some of the Dells will let you use on-board and the add-on card at the same time, but you have to find the option in the bios and enable it specifically.  (and few have it)


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