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Universal Password not set during login

I currently have a Universal Password policy associated to all users in the tree ( Per Container)  when a user logs into the machine at the school with the latest novell client the universal password is never set.  What software client side is required to be working for universal password to be set?
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Client side?  Not aware of anything, beyond having "NMAS Authentication" set to ON in the Client properties, Advanced Login tab.  The only other thing I could think of is, if you're using OEM extended ASCII instead of unicode on your servers, the setting in the Advanced Login tab for OEM extended ASCII Password has to be on.

I take it you're saying that, when logging in to any other machine, everything works just fine - but with this one machine with client32 4.91 SP4 (the latest as of this posting) you get a "universal password not set" message of some sort?  What client32 version are you using on the ones that work OK?

Can you post the exact text of the message, including any error codes or numbers if any?

What is the OS of the client PC?  Do you have a Windows domain?  Is it synced with eDirectory using DirXML/Identity Manager?
JRose628Author Commented:
Well here is the run down I get no error messages on the client but if a user logs into a machine in our office which all are not imaged machines there universal password will get set and sync with Active Directory using Identity Manager and passsync.  However at our school sites machines that have been imaged are not allowing the password sync.  I have not seen any error messages but I have not yet done a trace on any of the servers.  Our office is a mix of 4.91 SP2-Sp4.  
Ahh, that old chestnut.

It's usually down to the NICI keys getting screwed by Sysprep. I bodged my way round it by configuring an auto-login after sysprep runs, and adding a command in the RunOnce section of the sysprep.inf file to do a silent reinstall of NICI (you could just do the whole client). All worked fine after that.

PS. I'm sure there's a much cleaner way of doing it, but I was a bit strapped for R&D time when the problem occurred and kinda forgot about it until now.
In fact, there's even a TID on the subject, 3057160.

<ed by ShineOn to add link>  https://secure-support.novell.com/KanisaPlatform/Publishing/348/3057160_f.SAL_Public.html
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