How to change date format in MySQL from a PHP form submission

Hi all,

I have a PHP form that submits data to a MySQL database. Users can search for records or add and delete records from their browsers as it is running in PHP. However MySQL date format is in Y-M-D and I need it to be M-D-Y. What would be the easiest way to do this?  I will need help with the code also. Thanks
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Kiran Paul VJComputer EngineerCommented:
i didnt get it clearly.
anyway check this

Best way is to save all dates and times as a unix timestamp in you database. Then you can use functions like mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,$year) (mentioned above) to generate a timestamp, and date("m-d-Y,$timestamp) to convert the timestamp to a readable date in your desired format.
The DATE_FORMAT function should also work for you:


With this method you can take care of the date formatting in the query instead of leaving it for your PHP code.

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Personally I would go with
SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(your_date_or_datetimefield) as field FROM table,

That would retrieve a timestamp for your date/datetime field.

The actual output of the date would then be on your output/template part. You'd define a configuration constant containing a site-wide date format, and apply it to the timestamp.
define('DATE_SIMPLE', '%m-%d-%Y')

echo strftime(DATE_SIMPLE, $row['field']);

You'd probably get a warning that your locales need to be set first. This would depend on your php install though


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valiconAuthor Commented:
Could you give me a few code examples?  I need to know how to work this into my code....
The code of Roonaan is practicly all you need and better then my code. If you post your code, we can help you integrate it.
valiconAuthor Commented:
Thanks all. :)
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