DHCP Server And Conflict

hi everybody
i have a outdoor wireless network ,many clients connected to my network and they get IP address from my DHCP server,all thing is correct and dhcp server is on windows server 2003.
dhcp ip address range : 192.168.100.x

now,other DHCP server is ready and configure and that is for a unknown network (i don't know what is it's owner ).
dhcp ip address range: 192.168.3.x

a few clients get IP address from other dhcp server (192.168.3.x)  and they can't use my network services because my ip address range is: 192.168.100.x

what do i must do until all of clients get ip address from my DHCP server (ip range: 192.168.100.x) ?
please help me
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merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah the problem is the dhcp server which response earlier assigns the ip to the client!

Maybe try this:
configure your client to connect only to preferred Networks in the Wireless-settings!

see here
mr_mpzAuthor Commented:
i know that,but i can't do that becase i guess DHCP server is in other network,may be dhcp server is configured on a computer from one of our clients.
imaging,one of my clients who connected to my network ,he/she setup a DHCP server in your network and other clients get ip address from that computer,and not from my dhcp server

i must found a way for configure clients for get ip address only from my dhcp server,what is solution now ?
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ahhh they connect to your wlan and get dhcp from the worng server inside!
Whats with DHCP bindings?
mr_mpzAuthor Commented:
i think,i have one way,i have to configured clients for geting ip address from a specific  dhcp server with MAC address or other thing
what is your idea ?

let explain my network,i have a AP (access point) and my clients (all of them configured in bridge mode).
AP and CB have same ip range (10.10.10.x)

i centeral office (my network),i config a DHCP server,other clients get their ip address from my dhcp server,a few day age,one of clients setup a dhcp server in his/her network (i don't know who)!
now,some of clients get ip address from it dhcp server and unfortunatly they can't connected to my servers and use my services.
ok ?

so you have 1 main source, and mutiple users/companies within it that are setting up your own routers with DHCP on them?
Forced accept.

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